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Currency Exchange Rates

More currencies will be available as we open service to international vendors in your locality.

10 currencies we offer on Millennia compared to 1 US dollar

01. United States Dollar (USD) = 1.00 | 02. Australian Dollar (AUD) = 1.55 | 03. Canadian Dollar (CAD) = 1.35 | 04. Euro (EUR) = 1.01 | 05. Japanese Yen (JPY) = 146.75 | 06. New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) = 31.98 | 07. New Zealand Dollar (NZD) = 1.69 | 08 Polish Zloty (PLN) = 4.72 | 09. Pound Sterling (GBP) = 0.88 | 10. South Korean Won (KRW) = 1406.01 | 11. Swiss Franc (CHF) = 0.99 | 12. Vietnamese Dong (VND) = 24872.53

Only currencies we offer on Millennia will display exchange rates. Lower exchange rates are less than 1.00 and is more expensive than the USD, higher exchanges rates are higher than 1.00 and is less expensive than the USD.

These rates will be updated occasionally every year and published on the date it was noticed. Should there be a difference in exchange rates from checkout to what is listed, checkout rates will prevail.

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Keurig Descaling Your Brewer

Step-1. Remove K-Cup pods and close lid. Do not touch display.

Step-2. Remove and empty the water reservoir tank. Replace water tank back in position with no water.

Step-3. Pour entire bottle of descaling solution into water tank. Refill bottle with filtered water and pour entire bottle into tank.

Step-4. Bew 6 oz. K-Cup size until “Add more water” display. Wait for 30 minutes. Do not continue. Do not turn off. Leave brewer on.

Step-5. Empty remaining descaling solution. Thoroughly rinse water reservoir. Do not use soap water. Refill water tank with filtered water, we recommend using distilled water.

Step-6. Brew 6 oz. K-Cup size using a large mug or K-Carafe mug. Dispense hot water until “Add more water” display. Refill to water fill line and brew until “Add more water” display again. Remember to empty mug before brewing again or it will overflow.

Step-7. Start brewing your favorite K-Cups and enjoy!


See illustration for details

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Keurig “Keeps pumping water”


Did you relocate your Keurig?

Occasionally, we like to re-arrange our furniture and/or appliances to a more suitable spot for accessibility. So we decided to move our Keurig to another spot and plug it in another outlet or maybe extension cord. Let’s turn it on and brew some coffee. Uh oh, what the heck, the water keeps coming out during preheat!


What if there’s water inside?

In this case with Keurig non-commercial brewers, the most we can remove is the water reservoir as there may still be water inside the unit. Instead, we move the whole thing with the water reservoir with water in it.

After relocating the Keurig:

  1. Plug in the unit and DO NOT turn it on. It will start Preheating mode and dispense water instead of boiling it. It won’t stop dispensing until there is no water left in the reservoir for it to feed, then turns off.
  2. Let the unit idle for at least 30 minutes, the more the merrier. There is a device inside the unit that opens/closes a valve to allow water flow into the boiler called a Solenoid. The wire coil needs to get energized before it starts to operate. When the unit is unplugged, its energization has been disrupted.
  3. Turn on the Keurig. It will begin to preheat. No water should dispense. But, we may hear a weird sound like its stomach is growling. This is the sound of the Solenoid energizing or starting up after it has been shutdown from service.

The Keurig is on standby mode when its plugged in an outlet rather than off mode. The Solenoid needs continuous uninterrupted power to operate normally. We recommend do not turn on and off the power of the unit to save energy during use as this troubleshooting will always happen, permanently damaging the Solenoid. When we experience an interruption of power such as a city blackout, repeat steps 1-2-3 to happy brewing again.